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Working on various machines, running with today’s major operating systems is more then just my business. I have courage, passion and imagination…

I use my devices to track my way, record events and stay in contact with family, co-workers and to find new people all around the world – sharing knowledge and culture.

ki (Kai-ilja Görg), 2015


iOS | Android | Windows | OS X | Debian | Fedora | a Waterheater

Vectorized_Apple_gray_logo Windows FedoraSmall debian

Think twice

Workers of your IT-Unit are qualified to collect a huge amount of information about you, your partners and actions of the past, present and future. You hereby be advised to choose those guys wisely.  Know your IT architects & admins. Be interested in there skills and the devices they are using. Make them log their activities. Make them log the owner, user and group activities.

Thank you for reading.

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